Asphalt Pathways

Practical, affordable and unique pathways

Asphalt pathways with brick edging

Impact Asphalt can help you to create and unique and individual asphalt pathway design to show off a welcoming front entrance to your home. Asphalt isn't just used for driveways. By simply choosing a matching paver to your house you can tie in the driveway, existing garden beds, even asphalt pathways by adding in various lines and shapes of decorative brick edging and get a smart pathway look and finish.

Home office or business

Asphalt pathway for a home office. Impact Asphalt Pathways with asphalt by Impact Asphalt 

Asphalt pathways are an affordable alternative to concrete for any home office or business. Asphalt pathways are an easy choice to create an impressive and professional entrance for your visiting clients.

Asphalt pathways are also a great solution if you are needing to cover large areas of pathways for larger businesses commercial or industrial. We have completed asphalt pathways for many different types of local businesses including golf courses, home offices, holiday apartments, horse properties, farms, industrial work places and more.

Impact Asphalt (Bitumen) Services

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At Impact Asphalt we will provide you with the highest level of workmanship and a quality job built to last at a competitive and fair price. So if your are thinking about asphalting or paving your driveway, car parks, pathways or filling in those unwanted potholes then please contact us at Impact Asphalt and we will come out and provide you with a free measure and quote!

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