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Affordable Asphalt Repairs Affordable Asphalt Repairs Affordable Asphalt Repairs

Is your driveway riddled with potholes and ruts? 

Tired of watching all your road base wash away with each rainfall?

Factors that influence the cost of your repair asphalt repair work can vary quite a lot in cost. Factors that influence this cost could be firstly the size of the repair, in some cases may be smaller or bigger than you anticipated, the extent and depth of the damage, time required and the equipment and materials needed. Although a repair may only be minor, unfortunately it may still require the same equipment used say for a large job such as a the truck to transport the asphalt, take away damaged sub base, tip fees to discard materials (council fees are high for such materials) a roller or wacker for compaction of new asphalt and/or road base if required. This will depend on the extent of the damage of the asphalt upon inspection. Usually damaged asphalt is a result of a poorly prepared base beneath causing the asphalt to fail in areas. In some cases the area can be repaired with an additional layer of asphalt after a little preparation work or it may require more extensive repair work such as saw cutting the affected area out and replacing with new road base and asphalt to ensure the does not fail again.

To help minimise the cost of smaller repairs for our clients we try to combine your repair work with another near by in the same area. If your repair is requiring urgent attention or is causing a dangerous or hazardous area then we can arrange something more urgently for you. In some cases will be able to give you an approximate price for the job over the phone. The only variation of prices given would be due to things such as ie: incorrect measurements, existing poor foundations therefore requiring additional road base put in place, additional saw cutting as mentioned above. If there was any additional work needing to be carried out, differently to what was originally discussed on the phone, then you would be notified/contacted at the time we are on site to discuss further details with you and obtain your approval prior to commencing any work. We don't like surprising our clients with hidden costs as much as you don't like paying for them! 

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