Bitumen Bandits

Buyer Beware!

Unfortunately there are asphalting contractors also known as 'Bitumen Bandits' out there offering cheap asphalt driveways or repairs within various areas on the Sunshine Coast. The even travel from state to state. They provide you with a newly laid asphalt area looking its best for normally no more than 3 months then it will begin breaking down in areas such as this one shown and in some cases it could be an entire driveway. Some driveways we have even witnessed grass growing through the asphalt only 4 weeks later. 

Usually the work that has just been completed will need to be fully excavated out and done correctly which can be an expensive process and usually costing you quite a lot more than the initial repair or job in the first place. 


In most cases these groups will request cash payment for their work either before or immediately after the job is completed. It can sometimes be quite a lot more than you were initially told and we have heard that the contractor/s can be quite convincing and demanding. Again we cannot not distress enough how important it is to check a contractor out first. If in doubt or in any trouble do not hesitate to contact police. 

Bitumen Bandits - The Speal! 

The 'speal' these groups is usually to tell their prospective targets that they can offer you a 'cheap' asphalt driveway due to having 'left over' asphalt or materials from a recently complete driveway nearby, or local council or roadworks job. Current updates of such Bitumen Bandits circulating on the Sunshine Coast or other areas are usually published on the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association's website (AAPA) and have regular updates to where the areas and tactics that these crews are currently using. You do not have to agree the services of anyone on the spot. Take time to think about what is being offered and do a little research first.

If the offer is 'too good to be true' usually is!

Things to watch out for

  • Check the asphalt contractor, business has a current Australian Business Number or ABN. This is easily done on the internet or by phoning the Australian Business Register or Qld Office of Fair Trading and only takes a few minutes before agreeing to anything or handing over your hard earned money. Just because they may present with a printed business card or coloured flyer doesnt not mean they are a legitimate business. 
  • Obtain a 'written quote or estimate' from the asphalt contractor. It is always best to have the total cost up front and to know what you are actually getting for your money including what the materials area, their quantities and measurement of the total area to be completed.
  • Ask to view some of their previous work. If they are an established asphalting business on the Sunshine Coast they should be able to provide you with some recent and older driveways they have completed to view for yourself.
  • Most legitimate asphalting contractors and businesses can be located in you local phone directory, searches within the internet or word of mouth. Routinely asphalting contractors do not go around 'door knocking' offering their services.

Office Of Fair Trading 13 74 68

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