Decorative Brick Edging With Asphalt

You are only limited to your imagination

Decorative Brick Edging  Creative asphalt with brick edging by Impact Asphalt

Here at Impact Asphalt we are not just about laying asphalt. We like to think we offer all our clients a more personalised and individual service that stands out above the rest. Each and every driveway is a masterpiece and totally different to the next.

We will assist you with the asphalt and brick edging designing process that will work in best with your home or property right down to the choices of colour. We also have extensive experience in green keeping, land sculpting and drainage solutions to ensure that everyone will work and come together correctly.

We do not use subcontractors to complete other services. Who comes out to meet you with your initial measure and quote is who will doing the work on site and able to liaise with you during the entire process of the driveway preparation and construction. 


Other edging options

If you want a different style from brick edging with your asphalt we can also do edging in cement, timber or a more natural look with large rocks. In some cases people may not choose an edge due to the length of the driveway, therefore we are able to add in bricke dgeing just at the entrance of the driveway to add to its street appeal and you could also add in some brick edging leading to the entrance of your house as shown in above pictures. We are there to offer you advice and ideas to what would work best with your property and budget.

Asphalt and concrete edging by Impact Asphalt  Asphalt with rock edging by Impact Asphalt

  • Feature Brick Edging With Asphalt
  • Decorative Rock Edging With Asphalt
  • Concrete Edging With Asphalt
  • Various Timber Edging With Asphalt

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At Impact Asphalt we will provide you with the highest level of workmanship and a quality job built to last at a competitive and fair price. So if your are thinking about asphalting or paving your driveway, car parks, pathways or filling in those unwanted potholes then please contact us at Impact Asphalt and we will come out and provide you with a free measure and quote!

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