What Is Geofabric?

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Use of geotextiles by Impact Asphalt Impact Asphalt using geotextiles 

Cracking is the number one problem in asphalt today and this is why we always recommend the use of Geofabric for your driveway. Geofabric is laid beneath the level of rock applied to your driveway providing a moisture barrier which extends the life of the asphalt and greatly reduces the risk of cracks forming over time due to clay and/or water moving up through the rock to the surface area causing asphalt to break down.

It can also be used when asphalting over a pre-existing asphalt and concrete area the geofabric acts as a stress absorbing membrane to prevent cracking in a newly laid surface. For only a small additional cost we also recommend who ever you may choose for the job that they include this product for you to reduce additional repair costs later in time.

What ever option you choose for a new driveway whether it be paved, asphalt or even concrete is usually one of the 'larger' expenses of building your home or renovating you existing property. Why take the chance with your hard earned money. Get the job done right first time around with Impact Asphalt. We recommend geofabric to nearly all our clients and in some cases demand it!

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