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Why use Impact Asphalt Why use Impact Asphalt 

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a product for your driveway. Most common choices being asphalt (hotmix), bitumen, pavers, concrete or simply road base. It also depends on the desired look you are wanting to achieve, the amount of area you have to transform and your budget. In most cases asphalt is a cheaper solution to other products such as concrete and pavers, especially on larger sized areas such as acreage properties and car parks.

Advantages of Asphalt

  • Asphalt is extremely durable, flexible and recyclable!
  • Asphalt is more economical compared to concrete and other products especially on larger areas.
  • Asphalt dries quickly it can be ready for use within 24 hours.
  • Repair work is quick and easy keeping maintenance and repair costs to a minimum.
  • Asphalt is skid resistant
  • Asphalt reduces glare
  • Asphalt dramatically increases the value of your property.

Decorative Brick Edging with Asphalt

Large asphalt driveway done by Impact Asphalt  

Brick edging dramatically enhances the look of your driveway just by selecting a matching paver to tie into the colour of your house or any other surrounding areas. Whether it’s only by incorporating a small section either side of the entrance of your driveway or doing the entire driveway, pathways or even steps you can achieve a much greater result. Another advantage of brick edging is that it adds strength to the asphalt where it is likely to receive most of it wear and tear and helps prevent unwanted grass and weeds from creeping their way up through the edges. 

Impact Asphalt (Bitumen) Services

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