Why use Impact Asphalt? 

We'll help you to create a design and unique driveway that will give real Impact!


It's all in the base

Did you know that the foundation is one of the most important aspects of laying asphalt? This is vital in the preparation process of any new asphalt area. A newly laid asphalt driveway, car park or pathway that has an insufficient amount of rock or road base, the incorrect type of road base or has any drainage issues not initially addressed will quickly result in defects such as the asphalt cracking, potholes forming, small or large failed areas or entire sunken sections. We have even seen entire newly laid asphalt surfaces needing to be totally pulled out and replaced which is a very expensive process! 

At Impact Asphalt we pay extreme attention to detail. We will discuss with you what we believe will have the best end result for your driveway. Every driveway is different and some requiring more preparation than others, therefore depending on the current condition of the area you want asphalted, our recommendation may not always be the cheapest method offered to you but it will be an honest and accurate one. And you will receive a high quality finish that will last up to the test of time. We do it right first time and provide a 2 year warranty!

Impact Asphalt provides you with

We are only a small team here at Impact Asphalt which means the person you meet for the initial measure and quote of your driveway which is Daniel the owner of our family run business, will be the person in charge of all works undertaken and ensuring everything is completed at the highest standard of workmanship, taking no short cuts and not leaving inexperienced persons on the job.

We will liaise with you during the entire process of the driveway preparation and construction. We do not use outside subcontractors to complete other any of our services. We strive to provide our clients with a fast, personalised and professional service. We offer a no obligation free measure and quote and take the time to discuss how to achieve the best results for your new asphalt driveway or car park, pathways, even down to the smallest asphalt repair. 

Impact Asphalt (Bitumen) Services

Who We Have Worked With

We have provided our services to:

  • Shadforths Civil Engineering
  • Blacklaw Civil Contractors
  • Hutchinson Builders
  • SEQ Water
  • Rowlo Constuctions
  • Dormway Pty Ltd
  • Hendrie Bros
  • Walton Construction
  • Watermark Constructions
  • Baywater Plumbing
  • Lasercom
  • Northcoast Body Corporate
  • Nambour Hospital
  • Sunshine Coast Turf Club
  • Maroochydore Sports Grounds
  • Horton Park Golf Club
  • Sunshine Coast University

How to choose your asphalt contractor

Below are some points to consider when choosing an asphalt contractor which will hopefully make thing a little easier.

Check the asphalt contractor or business you are choosing is a legitimate business. Please read details below under Bitumen Bandits.

Ensure you feel comfortable communicating with the contractor your choose and are able to ask questions and discuss any concerns throughout the construction of your driveway.

Obtain your quotes and compare what is being offered to you. Size of the total area to be completed, this will be is m2. Quantities of materials that are included, this will be in tonne. Be aware of the compacted depths of the road base and asphalt that is included. Routinely road base is 150mm and asphalt is 40mm but every job is different and can depend on what you have in place already.

Payment terms to consider. Usually is it a percentage up front and then the remaining total upon or within 7 days after completion. Sometimes a part payment along mid way.

Most importantly are they providing you with a substantial warranty. With Impact Asphalt our warranty is 2 years!

Impact Asphalt

At Impact Asphalt we will provide you with the highest level of workmanship and a quality job built to last at a competitive and fair price. So if your are thinking about asphalting or paving your driveway, car parks, pathways or filling in those unwanted potholes then please contact us at Impact Asphalt and we will come out and provide you with a free measure and quote!

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